Sushi Club MK

Have you tried Sushi Club MK? The most amazing award winning sushi takeaway in Milton Keynes. I absolutely love sushi but I have never really thought about getting it for a takeaway. It’s normally something I only enjoy in a restaurant. That’s until I tried Sushi Club MK, a fantastic independent takeaway in Milton Keynes….

Buttermilk Chicken, Waffles and a Chilli Maple Syrup

It’s December! And December is a month where we tend to indulge throughout. Christmas parties, markets and fairs lure us with temptations of sweet and savoury foods. As much as I love all the food in December, I try my best not to over indulge all month, after all I am not getting any younger….

Restaurant Shoot

I love shooting restaurants and cafes. There’s something about the hustle and bustle of a restaurant that makes my job so much fun. Restaurants are very similar to a swan; calm and relaxing to the eye but what you don’t see is all the hard work underneath the water. As customers, we don’t always see…

Masala Lamb Steak and Okra Fries

Lamb steak is a treat for us. It’s something that feels a little special because we don’t eat it often and leaves us feeling lie we have indulged. Steak is something we normally associate with restaurants, but it is so simple to do at home too. And it’s a great date night meal! I’ve never…