What are you baking this weekend?

I try and find any excuse to bake and I think Easter weekend is the best excuse, especially when it’s ‘for your nieces’. Baking with kids makes this guilty pleasure just that little bit more acceptable don’t you think?

I don’t have kids yet (and yes you will all have to wait a few years still) but I know that I will get them in the kitchen as soon as they can crawl. Ok maybe that’s pushing it a bit but you get the idea. I think teaching children about food is a great opportunity for them to understand what they are eating. It’s also a great chance to get them to try different things, although I can’t imagine giving them aubergine curry straight away. Bless them.

I borrowed my darling nieces to experiment with for my project (no child was harmed in this process). I wanted to show the beauty of young children getting their hands dirty (i.e covered in chocolate cake batter) in the kitchen to show the importance of teaching children from a young age about food. Although I think the most I achieved was getting my nieces a bit hyper on multi-coloured sprinkles. Oh well, the project goes on! And now we have cake.

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