Camden Market’s Street Food

My husband and I went to the street food stalls in Camden Market last week and it was amazing! There was so much choice, from American bacon and cheese burgers to Jerk chicken to homemade pasta and more. Wow. We were so confused! We didn’t know where to begin and what to try. Although going to all the stalls and having a small taster helped.

The place was so packed we could barely move. But what was amazing about this was to see the passion and love for real food. Nothing was processed or out of a packet, or at least I hope it wasn’t. It was all honest food served by people who loved doing what they were doing. It was also great to see so many people enjoying eating this type of fresh food, whether it was healthy or not!

A man running a stall did say to us that there is a chance the market will be closed down and turned into flats. Whether this is true or not, I hope it doesn’t happen. It would be such a shame to lose such an exciting market with different cuisines from all around the world. Go and visit it yourself! Just be warned…go with an empty belly and elastic trousers. Oh and a napkin to wipe your face after stuffing it with pork sticky buns and pancakes. Enjoy!

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