Make your own healthy coleslaw!

As it’s summer in the UK, everyone is in barbecue mode! And why not? Who doesn’t love grilled chicken and veg in the garden? But sometimes I get a bit bored with a simple salad on the side with a lonely baked potato.

So I decided to make coleslaw but a healthy version of it. I didn’t have the guts to make it with a bucket full of mayonnaise. My waist line is already growing from all the baking, but that’s another issue.

This coleslaw is made with zero fat yoghurt, a teaspoon of mayonnaise (because I couldn’t ignore it) and dijon mustard. Its so simple! Add all these ingredients in a big bowl and season with salt and pepper. I bought a white cabbage and chopped it finely, then grated a couple of carrots and finely chopped half a red onion. I mixed this in with the yogurt mixture and sprinkled in some fresh chives.

I can honestly say that it tastes so much better than the shop bought coleslaw and you feel less guilty afterwards! It’s great for lunch or a side at dinner. Now I don’t have to force myself to burn it off afterwards. Although I should burn off that chocolate mousse I had…

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