Balls! Energy balls ;)

So I am always looking for a quick snack in the afternoon in between lunch and dinner and stumbled across this recipe from Donal Skehan (link below). I changed it slightly only because I made them from whatever was in my cupboard, rather than going to the shops and buying the whole of the baking aisle.

I made these energy balls from oats, desiccated coconut, almond powder, cocoa powder, dates, prunes, coffee and a tiny bit of golden syrup. All I did was mix all the ingredients into a big bowl and stuck my hands in. Once the mixture came together, I simply rolled them into small bitesize balls and then coated them in cocoa powder. Easy! They can be great fun to make with children too. Not that I did but I’m sure it would be fun? Hmm.

They are like delicious bitter sweet chewy chocolates, yet they are so healthy! The coffee and cocoa powder give it a bitter taste which is sweetened by the coconut and the dried fruit. You can put whatever you like in them and they give you a great energy boost when you need it the most. Great for a snack on the go! Careful not to put too many sweet things in there or the sugar content will go through the roof.

I got the idea from Donal Skehan, a great chef and so entertaining! Check his YouTube channel and website out. Here is the link to his recipe

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Energy Balls

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