Barfi Bites


How amazing do these Barfi bites look? I can safely say I didn’t make them, but ordered them from a local company called Barfi Bites who specialise in making luxury Barfi coated in Belgian chocolate. Incredible!

For those of you who don’t know, Barfi is a traditional Indian sweet made from milk powder and can be later flavoured in many ways. It’s a delicious sweet that is offered on special occasions and festivals.

I have eaten many, many different Barfi’s in my time but none like this. Minesh, the founder of Barfi Bites has ingeniously taken a traditional Barfi and given it a modern twist. He’s coated it in a thin crisp layer of Belgian chocolate and has developed many exciting flavours, including coconut, pistachio and crispy jalebi.

But what caught my eye is that Minesh has created an India COVID crisis donation box for £24.99, where he will be donating £15 or each sale to directly help the crisis in India.

Covid has impacted all of our lives in some way and I wanted to help with those in need in India. If you would like to purchase a Barfi box head over to and find them on Instagram here.

Naturally I couldn’t help myself but to take a styled photo of these beautiful products. Give them a try you won’t be disappointed! Now I need to figure out how am I going to resist this whole box.

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