How to get your Sweet Potato Wedges crispy…

I don’t know about you but I have always struggled to get my sweet potato wedges crispy. Without deep frying them, I couldn’t understand why they were a bit soggy? Then I realised that this is what sweet potato is like! It’s soft and difficult to get crispy unless coated in something.

I ordered some sweet potato fries in a restaurant and they were heavenly. But I realised they had a batter on them and then deep fried. Now this is great, but not exactly ideal for a healthy home cooked meal. So off I went to search for the answer…

The past few times before this, my sweet potato fries have either been shrivelled up because I left them in the oven too long hoping that they will get crispy, or they have come out soggy. But this time I tried something different.

After cutting the wedges into a reasonable size (not too skinny) and par-boiling them, I placed them in a roasting tray and drizzled over olive oil, salt and pepper and rosemary. But I also sprinkled loads of semolina over the wedges, this gives it a crisp coating without having to deep fry them! I put them in the oven until cooked and then grilled them. Grilling them gives a crispy coating without leaving them in the oven for ages to shrivel up!

It’s a much healthier option and it tastes great! Have you got any other tips that works for you?

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