Homemade Chicken Kiev…Yum!

So tonight’s dinner was homemade chicken kiev and I have to say it was much better than a processed one. Yes it takes a little bit more time but its worth it!

I’ve seen so many chefs make it in so many different ways, but this is what works for me. I make my own garlic butter with fresh parsley. And it has to be fresh parsley! Otherwise I wouldn’t make it. I’ve fallen in love with fresh herbs lately and realised how different they taste to some of the dried herbs. I then freeze the butter in a sausage shape so I can easily insert it into the chicken. Otherwise it gets very messy!

I cut a hole into the thick side of the chicken breast with a knife and then just slide the frozen butter in. This is so much easier! Then I dip the chicken breast in seasoned flour, then egg and then seasoned breadcrumbs. I never buy breadcrumbs, I simply blend some leftover slices of bread and freeze any extra.

After this I will brown the outside of the kiev in a frying pan and some olive oil and then stick it in the oven to cook through. Easy! Yes it takes some time but it’s a great treat to have on the weekend or freeze it for another time.

I served it with a broccoli mash (a cheeky way of getting more veg in you) with rosemary and chives and a whole heap of peas. Who knows if this is the right way of cooking chicken kiev but it works for me! Go on give it a try! Now I better go to the gym…

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Chicken Kiev
Chicken Kiev

Chicken Kiev, food photography, mash potato, broccoli, parsley 2

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  1. Looks good something I’m going to give a go.


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