Healthier Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs

Who doesn’t love spaghetti and meatballs? It’s such a comforting dish that makes you feel great. But I decided to make a slighter healthier and lighter version. Only because I have consumed nearly an entire chocolate orange cake. But oh well. Balanced diet and all.

I used lean turkey mince and it tasted great. I also made Jamie Oliver’s 7 veg tomato sauce. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly as I didn’t have everything, but followed the concept of making a tomato sauce full of extra vegetables.

I made my sauce with onions, leeks, peppers, carrots, courgettes, celery, garlic, chilli, and tomato tins. I simply chopped and sautéed all the veg until soft and then added two tins of tomato and two tins of water. I let it simmer for about 45 mins and then blitzed it smooth. I had made so much sauce that I froze a few batches ready for next time.

Check out Jamie’s recipe here. It’s a great versatile sauce that can be used for so many different dishes, like pasta, lasagna, chilli con carne and more.

For the meatballs I can’t exactly write a recipe as I just threw it all together. But essentially I had about 400g turkey mince and added a good handful of breadcrumbs, lots of chopped garlic, chopped onion, Dijon mustard, fresh rosemary and parsley, oregano, chilli flakes (I like to add chilli to everything!) and salt and pepper.

I rolled them into meatballs and pan fried them. Once they were browned nicely I added the veg sauce and served with spaghetti. It was delicious! Still comforting but was nice to know it was slightly healthier.

I don’t believe in hiding vegetables in food, but I am all for getting extra veg in a meal wherever possible. So the veg sauce was just a bonus. We had a big salad alongside the spaghetti so only needed a small portion of pasta. And this just made me feel less guilty for having carbs! Why do carbs taste so good? Anyway I’m going off track. Focus.

Have a go and let me know what you think. I really enjoyed this and froze half of the mince to eat another day. Win!

Hope you are all doing well and staying safe during this time. Thanks for reading!

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