Puris and Masala Eggs


This is possibly one of my favourite breakfast dishes. One however, that I don’t get to eat often as it was always something that either my Mum, grandma or aunt made. It’s a typical Sunday morning breakfast eaten with all the family.

I always talk about how food can bring back nostalgic memories and puris definitely do that for me. I remember waking up on a Sunday morning with the smell of fresh puris frying in the kitchen. Paired with some spicy fried eggs and masala chai, what more could one need? This was a real treat. Not great for the waist line but great for the soul.

But I will happily admit that I have never been able to make them myself. Maybe because I haven’t tried enough, and it was something that I never learnt from my Mum. My aunt would occasionally make them for me when I would visit Leicester and I would always devour them.

This time I wanted to try and make them myself. I’ve never been great at frying as its always a little daunting for me. Either the oil gets too hot and browns the food too quickly or the oil is not hot enough and leaves the food greasy. Whichever way, it’s a working process.

What are Puris?

Puris are deep fried breads that can be eaten with a variety of Indian dishes. They are mainly made from chapati flour but can also be made using wholemeal flour. They are often eaten at weddings alongside delicious vegetarian dishes but can also be made for breakfast. They can be plain or lightly spiced with turmeric, coriander powder and cumin powder.

They are very similar to chapatis, only smaller and fried. Once they hit the oil, they should puff up into a dome. As you can see some of my puris didn’t puff up as much as others, so this is still something I need to practice. I think maybe the temperature of the oil may not have been right. If anyone can give me any advise please get in touch!

I used a recipe from Maunika Gowardhan’s book ‘Thali’ as a guide and added a pinch of turmeric, coriander and cumin powder. It’s such a wonderful book and it’s so nice to be able to learn traditional Indian dishes that I wish I learnt from my Mum.

How do you make your Masala eggs?

I love fried eggs. We have them every weekend but only use a drop of oil to lesson the calories. However if I am making masala eggs, then I bust out with the ghee. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me but when I make Indian food I turn into my aunts who are always reminding me how ghee is good for you and dollop it into the pan.

I like to make my eggs with ghee, finely diced red onion, fresh coriander and spiced with a sprinkling of chilli powder, turmeric, and coriander and cumin powder. With a good crack of salt and pepper, these eggs are delicious. All washed down with a hot cup of chai, this Indian brunch makes me very happy.

Will you be giving these a try this weekend? Have I tempted you? Let me know if you give them a try!

My name is Bhavisha Surti and I am a food photographer and stylist based in Milton Keynes. Please subscribe to my blog below and check out my website to see more of my work at www.jbimagery.co.ukThank you! 

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