Dishoom’s Akuri – Spiced Scrambled Eggs

Who doesn’t love scrambled eggs? They are quick, healthy and easy to prepare. Plus they are so versatile. My go to recipe is simple scrambled eggs on toast with a splash of hot sauce.

I was flicking through my beautiful recipe book from Dishoom and came across their spiced scrambled eggs recipe – a dish named Akuri. They say it’s a classic dish served in Irani cafe’s in Bombay. I love the way the book is written. It’s so poetic and almost like a novel. It makes you feel like you’re in Bombay, especially thanks to its stunning photography.

You can find the digital version of this recipe here from Delicious Magazine. It’s such a simple one, but so delicious. I often make masala eggs so this was right up my street.

I pretty much followed the recipe with one or two small changes. I grilled my tomato on a grill pan as my oven takes way too long to heat up. I also grilled my sourdough bread on the grill pan rather than in a toaster as I loved the charred flavour it gives. Lastly, I added some green peppers to my eggs as I had lots of peppers in the fridge that needed using up! Plus I love the flavour of peppers.

Other than that I followed the recipe and it was absolutely delicious. I love soft scrambled eggs, not overcooked ones so the detail in how to cook them in the recipe was perfect. This was a flavour packed brunch, served with a cup of chai and a dollop of Belazu’s smoked chilli ketchup. I can’t recommend this product enough. It’s so tasty and well…smokey! A great addition to many dishes.

And that’s it. A simple blog post this week as I have been feeling rather rubbish recently. I’ve had my 4590th cold since becoming a parent (and no don’t worry its not covid). Nothing really prepares you for the amount of germs kids bring! Please someone tell me the end is near?

Anywho thanks for reading. With the news being slightly depressing and the weather being horrid, we all need a little bit of positivity. Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know how you’re doing 🙂 See you next time!

My name is Bhavisha Surti and I am a food photographer and stylist based in Milton Keynes. Please subscribe to my blog below and check out my website to see more of my work at you! 

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