How crispy is your homemade pizza?

Ok so I have always battled with my homemade pizza and can never get it as crispy as I want. Who doesn’t love thin Italian style pizzas with a crisp crust and delicious fresh ingredients? But it’s very difficult to make it without a fancy stone baked oven or a hunky Italian chef.

Without filling my kitchen with gadgets and pizza stones, I think I have cracked it. After I made the dough and let it rise, I stretched it out and put it on some baking parchment so that I could move it easily. I then put my pizza pan in a really hot oven to heat up. I put my toppings on the pizza with not too much sauce and then transferred it onto the hot pan from the oven. I figured it out that I had to cook it really fast in a hot oven, rather than slowly in a medium heated oven. Thats how you get the crispy base and crust! I am no chef or expert but it worked for me 🙂

This pizza was mozzarella, parma ham and basil. Was very yummy! There’s something satisfying about making your own pizza, especially if you can get kids involved. Or is that really easy for me to say because I don’t have kids? Anyway give it a try!

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Homemade Pizza, basil, parma ham, cheese, tomatoes, JB Imagery Watermark

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  1. Yesss! The best technique!


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