Sausage Pizza

Did anyone catch Jamie Oliver’s Keep Cooking Family Favourites this week? He made this amazing Sausage Pizza and I just had to try it!

It was a quick pizza with a sun-dried tomato pesto base, topped with sausage meatballs, mozzarella, red onions, pine nuts, rosemary and wait for it…grapes! Yes I know I was shocked too but he sold it so well I had to find out for myself what it tasted like. Plus we have seen grapes on focaccia, or pineapple on pizza so I thought why not.

I used Tesco’s finest sun-dried tomato paste and Cumberland sausages. It really is worth using the best ingredients you can afford because it makes all the difference.

And I have to say it was absolutely delicious! He gave a few tips on how to ensure a crispy base so it didn’t disappoint. First put the tray on the gas hob and cook the bottom for a minute or two to help create a crispy base, and then cook it at the bottom of a super hot oven. Genius! Who needs a fancy pizza stone that sits at the bottom of the shelf and collects dust. Ahem.

I added some fresh chilli on top of mine because I am wild like that but that’s optional. It felt like we were having a fancy pizza that you would normally order in a restaurant. Give it a try! Here’s the link below for the recipe:

Enjoy! Thanks for reading.

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