Breakfast Parathas

Breakfast Parathas on a Sunday morning is one of my best childhood memories. I would wake up to the smell of my Mum cooking them in the kitchen, and it would make me run down the stairs just so I could eat them hot off the fryer.

Now every woman I know has a different recipe. This recipe is actually my mother-in-laws. They are absolutely delicious and my husband loves them so I thought I better learn how to make them! I’m not sure mine were quite as good as hers but I gave it a whirl.

I like the idea of recipes being handed down from generation to generation. These old recipes are our memories and I wouldn’t ever want them to disappear. I think in this day and age we are so focused on new and exciting foods, that we sometimes forget the beauty of the classics!

Admittedly, there is no specific recipe to making these parathas. Now I know for those of you who like to follow a recipe may be rolling their eyes right now, but its something that you just eyeball! It’s surprisingly easy, and lots of room for adaptation.

Obviously these are not exactly healthy, so should be seen as a treat every now and again. You can serve them with spicy fried eggs or just a bit of mango chutney. Our traditional is to always wash it down with a hot cup of chai.

So these parathas are fairly simple to make, but takes a few steps. This is how I made them.

  • In a large bowl, add approximately 250g plain flour. Add a tsp of salt, and half a tsp of chilli powder, cumin seeds, turmeric and baking powder. These spices can be adapted to anything you like, and however much you like.
  • Once mixed together, add enough boiling water to make a soft dough. Be careful to not add to much at first otherwise it will become too soft. Mix together with a spoon until you have a soft bread like dough.
  • Then take a handful of dough and roll out into a circle (doesn’t have to be perfect). Next, brush a small drop of oil on one half of the circle. Then fold over and brush a tiny bit more oil on one half again.
  • Fold over again until you have a triangle shape. Roll out until approximately half a cm thick. Don’t roll out too thin.
  • Using a knife, create three slits in the paratha to prevent it ballooning up when fried.
  • In a pan heat up 1cm of sunflower oil. When hot, shallow fry your paratha for 1 or 2 minutes on each side, or until cooked through and crispy.
  • Serve immediately with spicy fried eggs or mango chutney. Enjoy!

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