Poached eggs, Smashed Avocado and Sour Dough Toast

Weekends are about lazy mornings and great food in my eyes. After a busy week at work, I long to make something comforting that requires a bit more time on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

This is not exactly a recipe as you might have seen this everywhere but I had to share it with you because it was so delicious and easy to make. It made a weekend brunch exciting and cheap!

Firstly, don’t be scared of poached eggs. I used to be terrified of them and would always end up in a mess. I tried all the tricks like swirling the water, adding vinegar, wrapping the eggs in cling film and who knows what else! I would always be disappointed because either my egg would disintegrate in the water, or I would under or over cook them. There is nothing worse than an overcooked poached egg in my mind. Nothing! But I can safely say that I have now mastered the poached egg and its the easiest method yet! No faffing, no fuss, no tears.

I watched Jamie Oliver make poached eggs and he said there’s no need for any complicated methods. Just crack an egg in a small bowl, and gently drop into a pan of simmering water. Don’t swirl the water as it just makes the egg go everywhere. Leave the egg to gently poach for about 4-5 minutes and lift out onto a kitchen towel with a slotted spoon. And that’s it! Yes! It’s as easy as that. Mind blown.

So as my eggs are gently poaching, I sliced up some sour dough bread and placed them on a grill pan. I bought the sour dough from Sainsbury’s and it was a game changer. This dish really does benefit from decent bread and I can’t recommend this enough. Grilling the bread also adds a different element of flavour as you get char marks on the edges, much better than the boring toaster!

Lastly, the smashed avocado. Oh yes. You can get kids to prepare this as it requires no skill (maybe just cut the avocado for them though!). Scoop out all of the flesh onto a chopping board, and with a fork, smash it up! Add some seasoning, fresh lemon juice, chilli flakes and extra virgin olive oil. Spread this over your grilled toast and you are nearly there.

Once your toast and smashed avocado is plated up, gently place your poached egg over the top. Add some seasoning, chilli flakes and a touch of extra virgin olive oil and you are done! I will now leave you to enjoy this dish in peace. Oh yes, go on.

Thanks for reading and check out my food photography website at www.jbimagery.co.uk

poached egg and smashed avocado-web

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